Thursday, May 1, 2014


The Media Center took the 9th annual Greenlight Film & Fashion Festival LIVE on Channel 28 last Thursday, April 24 from the Cubberley Theater.  The taped awards ceremony and video finalists begin their TV run tonight on Channel 28 - 7 pm.  Use this link to keep on top of all the playbacks of 2014 Greenlight content.  Or watch them streaming from our website.

The event was hosted by the Media Center's Louise Pencavel and former Palo Alto Mayor and environmental activist Peter Drekmeier.   Nine videos, 3 finalists each from the 3 categories, were screened:

Good Brownies Save Water! produced by Jarney Boccio, Gerrie Phillips-Stock and Karen Fitzpatrick
The Slave of SeaWorld, produced by Nithin Kumar & Arjun Loganathan
Barbie Goes Green, produced by Magdalena Neubrand and Emily Jacquemin

The California Drought Then and Now:  Lessons from the 1970s, produced by Sarah Shader and Lindsey Segal
The Flight of the Red Balloon produced by Mateo Kaiser, Adri Penix and Jenna Loh
Back In My Day, produced by Daniel Ciao and Zakriya Bashir-Hill

Composting at Deer Hollow Farm produced by Katie Lan
Lessons from the Green Ninja produced by Moises Flores and Daniela Chavez
Quotes of Nature produced by Rachel Lee

The panel of judges ultimately awarded "Good Brownies Save Water", "The Flight of the Red Balloon" and "Quotes of Nature" top honors in each category.  Magdalena Neubrand & Emily Jacquemin had four projects in the final nine!  A Greenlight first!

The Greenlight Committee, made up of reps from all the sponsoring organizations, bestowed its Committee Award to "Back in the Day."

The set was decorated by Media Center staff, spearheaded by MC Admin Lupita Segura who, along with eco artist Cristina Velazquez, designed the eco-savvy props and furnishings for the evening.   Elegant and resourceful props were an appropriate backdrop to Pencavel's interviews with the finalists as well as for the fashion show.

Debra Katz, Communications Manager, City of Palo Alto Utilities,  hosted two eco-fashion runway shows of couture designs made from reused materials, in between the categories of film screenings. These fashions ranged from the whimsical to the elegant, and showed youth modeling their own designs.

The purpose of the festival (conceived by former Palo Alto Mayor and Media Center advisor the late Jim Burch) is to explore environmental citizenship and show how individual actions can reduce our environmental impact.

This festival is sponsored by the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling and the Midpeninsula Community Media Center.

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